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We have a big summer festival season ahead of us which will culminate in our fantastic main arena stage appearance at the Great British Alternative Festival at Butlins, Skegness, when we will be strutting our stuff alongside the likes of the Stranglers and Sham 69 etc on the weekend of October 4th-6th.

The tents first come out over Easter when we are at Cloggstock Festival, just outside Alfreton at the Hilcote Country Club.

We play a show with Vomit and Prisoners of War at Sutton's Little Duck Punk Club on Saturday, 27th April.

Then the tents are out again for the Under the Castle Festival near Bolsover Castle on May 10th and 11th.

We play the marquee at Long Eaton Carnival on Saturday, 22nd June, then an acoustic set at Carnfield Hall on Saturday, 13th July at the Rock & Bike Festival.

We support Dirtbox Disco at MFN's big annual punk show on Saturday, 27th July, when again camping is available.

Our slot at the Blyth Power Ashes Festival near Tewksbury is Sunday 9.10-9.50 but we will be there all weekend keeping the bar staff busy.

Next is a one day festival at Stoke where we will play the Potteries Alternative & Punk Summer Party with a host of great bands at Hanley Underground on Saturday, 31st August.

We are still waiting to hear if we have made the bill at Whitwell Festival the weekend after - we will let you know ASAP.

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