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Rock & Bike return!

We are delighted to be back as party starters when we open the 2017 Rock & Bike Festival at South Normanton.

Tickets are already on sale - see

Full details to follow - we will be playing on Thursday, 13th July

New songs coming together for 2017 CD

We are almost there now with the 12 brand new songs for our third CD release, which will be recorded in spring next year.

We have nine songs nailed down and complete and we played eight of them in our set with the Newtown Neurotics last week.

The other three are works in progress and we also need to agree a name for the album - always hard work between four people!

But the new numbers have been going down really well so far and we hope you like the finished product (and buy it)!




VW play a gig at Rock City at last!

It's been a long time coming - 37 years to be precise, but the wonderful folk at Foremans - Nottingham's well-known punk rock bar - asked us to play our top hometown venue - the famous Rock City  - and we had a ball.

It was headlined by the mighty Resistance 77, whose last gig with Verbal Warning was back with the original line-up in 1982 at the old Heart Goodfellow on Maid Marian Way - a venue long since gone.

Hung LIke Hanratty, Headstone Horrors and Foremans' own Static Kill completed a brilliant line-up.

Bassboy Paul even had a second stint on stage dressed as Jimmy Savile for the Hanratty boys!

Below are some images from the day - cheer to everyone who turned out to support us.

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