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Verbal Warning - No Half Measures - The new CD is almost here at last!

It's almost here now - the new Verbal Warning album No Half Measures will be ready to buy next month.

The 13 brand new tracks have all been recorded at the Random Studios near Notts County's ground and sent off to the factory.

For the first time we will be offering vinyl as well as CDs with the current trend for going back to listening to music on glorious flat lumps of black plastic.

The songs are the best we've done and the production/mastering by far the best - superb quality all round - and we hope you enjoy the songs and they get rammed in your head as earworms for the rest of the year.

We will be having a launch party for the new album - full details to follow.

It's almost here -

We may have a few advance copies to sell at our local gigs at the Midland Hotel, Equalised Club, Creswell Diamond and White Hart, West Hallam, if they arrive in time. We will let you know on here as soon as we take delivery.

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