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VERBAL WARNING – THE MOVIE seems to have gone down well with the great music-starved public – thanks to all who have watched so far and your lovely comments.

The feature-length film was released on YouTube on Monday, 7th December to mark an astonishing 40 years since the original VW line-up's first gig.

You can watch it by clicking HERE

Had we been able to play live we could have marked it with a gig, playing some of those long lost songs on the movie.

As it is we are still stuck in tiers and this was the only way we could mark the big milestone with you all.

So far next year we have six gigs on the diary – four of them festivals – and it's impossible to know when things may change and venues will get enough confidence to start to make bookings again.

Our two remaining booked gigs of the year in Long Eaton and Stapleford are highly unlikely to go ahead – we should know for sure tomorrow (Wednesday).

So, assuming that's that for 2020, Verbal Warning wish you all a punk-tastic Christmas and a very much happier, virus-free, music-filled New Year!


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