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When we played Blackpool last weekend, it somehow seemed like it may be the last Verbal Warning gig for a while as the country began to fall to the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

We hoped it was just a feeling.

But within a couple of days Government advice has massively changed and the crisis has deepened.

Now we have had to start cancelling gigs from our packed diary as we all try to do our bit to curb the spread and make sure old and infirmed love ones see the year out.

So far we have pulled the rest of this month and all of April. Unless the virus peaks earlier than expected we will probably go on to lose May and June as well.

After that is anyone's guess. We may be looking at the Autumn before we can play again.

These are weird and unprecedented days ahead in our lifetime and all we can do is wait until the shitstorm passes and keep looking for toilet rolls and baked beans on eBay.

Rest assured as soon as it's safe to emerge, we will knock off the rust and get punk rocking once more.

In the meantime please stay safe out there and try to help others less fortunate than you through the crisis. Be More Kind - as Frank Turner said! We want to see each and every one of you healthy and back at the gigs on the other side of this.

And once we are back in business let's all get out there and put some money behind the bars of our pubs and venues who put on live music and will be feeling the pinch if, indeed, they survive at all.

Cheers to PunkBoot Promotions for last weekend's Blackpool gig - it was a decent one to enter hibernation on.

Thanks also to all who voted for or cheered us on at Minehead Great British Alternative Festival.

We lost the public vote to the wonderful Duncan Reid but won a lot of new friends down there.

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