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Interrobang?! support slot

We have a great support slot coming up at The Maze, Nottingham, supporting one the best new bands around - featuring two ex-members of Chumbawamba! Our friends from Stoke, Headstick, are also on the bill.

If you're coming down don't forget to bring something for the food bank or homeless cheers!

Full gig details below

Former Chumbawamba members Dunstan Bruce and Harry Hamer thunder into Nottingham to give a howl of middle aged angst via new project Interrobang?! at Nottingham venue The Maze on Friday, 6th April (7.30pm).

The epononymously entitled Interrobang?! album is vocalist Bruce laid bare, torn open, asunder, as he finds himself deep in those 50-something blues.

Lyrically the imminent debut album promises an exploration as well as a statement of intent and a determination to never give up the struggle - despite finding himself deep in his own malaise.

He questions and rails against his own demise with song titles such as Curmudgeon, Mad As Hell and Am I Invisible Yet? while still full of righteous anger about the state of the world in songs such as Are You Ready People? and Here Now.

He veers from the personal to the political, from the poignant to the pithy, never pulling any punches, always being brutally honest but with a disarming ability to laugh at himself as well.

The music of Stephen Griffin and Harry Hamer is short, sharp and urgent, priding themselves on their tightness and economy in rapid-fire assaults with crisp, cutting backing vocals.

Bruce said: “We have created an album that is pointed and precise, exciting and exhilarating.

“This is an album’s worth of hard-hitting songs for hard-hit people.

“We have always had something to say about the state of the world and our role within it.

“We don’t want this tour to just be a promotional venture; we want it to be more than that.

“So we have also taken the opportunity to make the shows more than just a concert. To this end we are engaging with a local charity or organisation in each town.

“These charities are mostly involved in helping the homeless, helping refugees or local food banks.

“What we would like is to ask each and every member of the audience to bring something along to the show to donate to the organisation, be it a pair of socks, a torch, some batteries, tinned food or drink, whatever so that we can collect these on the door and donate to the chosen organisation of the night.”

Support at the Maze comes from Stoke's rising folk-punksters Headsticks, Nottingham's very own Verbal Warning and Lancashire singer-singwriter Phil Cudworth. Advance tickets are £8.50.

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