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It's been a tough couple of months for the band with gigs cancelled after singer John suffered a bleed on the vocal chord and the subsequent loss of vocal range.

But things are improving and starting to look a little brighter.

After weeks of waiting he is finally in the hands of experts at the QMC and last month was able to do a 40-minute set at the Whitwell Festival with the guitars dropped down two tones to give him a key he was comfortable in.

Thanks to everyone who came down to see us there - we had a great weekend and no one noticed any difference to the songs. There is a picture slideshow here above - enjoy!

Three weeks on and two more hospital rehab sessions on and this week the band were able to tweak the guitars up one more step so only now being played a tone down and got through a two hour rehearsal.

There are almost four weeks to go to the next scheduled gig at Derby's Horse and Groom, which would be the first pub gig since Whitwell and derby on the first weekend of July.

By then the band hope to be back in the usual key and John is hoping to avoid the possible operation that was looming which would put him out of action for another two or three months.

Derby would be the first of 12 remaining gigs this year with next year just starting to fill up nicely.

Very sad to hear this week that November will see the doors closing forever of the MFN club run by Showaddywaddy star Malc, who is retiring.

We have had some great nights down there down the years and all the best to Malc in the future.


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