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Verbal Warning have had to cancel more gigs due to singer John's ongoing throat issues.

Gigs in Kimberley and Whitwick next week are the latest victims but, with it being a shorter set, the band intend to pull out all the stops to try to still throw together a set for the Whitwell Festival.

It is impossible to say when we will be back on track otherwise.

John has seen two specialists at the QMC and had cameras down his throat which revealed he likely had a bleed on the vocal chord seven weeks ago which has now scarred and he has currently lost the top end of his vocal range. A bout of acid reflux on top has probably made things worse.

Vocal therapy may be able to help and an operation to tidy the scar up is always a possibility too. But the results of any of these moves are not guaranteed.

If anyone else has had this issue and has advice or knows people who can help then please do get in touch.

Keep on supporting your local live music scene and we will try to be back with you as soon as we can.


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