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As we await the passing of the Covid shitstorm and the chance to play regularly again, we are thrilled to be able to offer you an online gig coming up next month for those of you starved of live music and VW action.

We have filmed a special half-hour charity set for Punk 4 The Homeless to be premiered on Saturday, 21st November - the day they release their latest charity CD - Doing it For The Kids.

We have a track on there - Someone's Slave - and ourselves and several other artistes featured on the double album will be performing that day - both recorded and live.

Our set was recorded at The Loft Studios in Long Eaton.

You can watch all the sets on 21st November via Punk 4 The Homeless Facebook page and you can buy the album from them too, it will also be available as a download from BandCamp.

We have also just donated a track - Piers Morgan - to another new compilation which is designed to help save The Boulevard venue in Wigan who, like many places, are struggling to survive right now. More details on that as soon as we have them.

Sadly, due to Notts being moved in Tier Two, we are now suddenly unable to meet up to rehearse weekly again.

We had just started to rehearse and develop the new songs for album number four, but that will now go onto a backburner until we can get back down to Tier One, though sadly Tier Three looks more likely right now.

Our next scheduled gig is 6th December in Derby but right now that seems an eternity away and who knows what the rules will be by then? Everything crossed!

Stay safe and see you all soon x


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