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At long last! Back in live action!

It had been a long time coming, but VW finally got back into live gigging action over the 5th/6th September weekend.

We had full, enthusiastic, socially distanced audiences at both the Stumble Inn, Long Eaton, and the Horse & Groom in Derby and played both shows as a trio with Paul on acoustic guitar and Ant on a reduced drum kit.

Although the flying duck shower was banned under Covid rules, we had a single symbolic duck hurled at each gig!

Both gigs were sweaty successes and Derby immediately booked us again for a gig on Sunday, 6th December, which may be full electric or acoustic trio depending on Government indoor gig guidelines by then.

Don't forget we have an indoor full electric band gig at the Black Market, Warsop, on Saturday, 26th September – 80 capacity all seated, so book in advance.

We continue to take each month as it comes and cancel all the planned gigs on a monthly basis as we await news on restrictions.

We could be busy between now and the New Year or Warsop and Derby could be the last of 2020. Who knows?

But we intend to stay busy and spend the time working on our new songs, written during Lockdown, in the hope of playing them live in early 2021.

Stay safe and seeya soon!

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